Metal Venetian Blinds

The Metal Venetian blind has been around in its tilt form for a long time now and it is still as popular today as it was then. It comes as standard with a cord to raise the blind and a nylon wand which will tilt the slats. These can be positioned on the same side or opposite each other. There is a control called Uniwand which does a similar thing except the cord runs within the wand making it a little neater. The other control options are battery powered tilt only (the blind itself is raised with a cord) or you can go for full motorisation using our RTS system. The slat widths available are 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 70mm and come in a wide range of colours, perforated and textures with the option of standard ladder cords or decorative tapes. We supply and fit Venetian blinds from our most cost effective range right up to any of the top Luxaflex ranges. All Venetian blinds fitted by us will have child safety devices on the blind and fitted with the blind in line with current regulations.



Snugfit Metal Venetian Blind System

There is a video above dedicated to the snugfit blind system which would be worth a watch. The blind is fitted into the reveal of the frame and move up and down by hand. The tilting of the slats is achieved by a slider which is located in the headrail at the top of the blind. By moving this slider left to right the slat will open and close. The benefits of this system are we do not need to drill into your frame to fix the blind and all sills are kept clear as the blinds are in the reveals.


Do you want privacy but still allow light in your house? Do you want to lose the glimmering on your computer screen or television? Variozone® is the blind that you can open in segments; top open, bottom closed; top closed, bottom open; or open in the middle, whichever suits you best. This blind can of course be completely closed and opened like any standard Luxaflex® Venetian Blind. Extensive range of comfortable operating systems Luxaflex® Venetian blinds are operated as standard by using a raise cord and a tilt wand. Several other optional and comfortable solutions are available to you: hand operated bottom rail, Tilt-Only with remote control, full electrical operation, endless chain and many more…all to make the use and comfort as optimal as possible.


Double the view!

This blind offers you that extra view and privacy control that you might be looking for. This blind closes as a normal 25 mm blind, but when you open it, a MegaView® outside view is presented, by doubling the view through to the outside. It is achieved by each alternate slat jumping up to the one above it, this increases the opening view between the slats form 25mm to 50mm. As soon as you go to close the slats again it will then behave like a normal 25mm slat metal venetian blind. If you look closely at the picture you will see there are 2 slats together, this is it in its fully open position.