Wood Blinds

The beauty of the S:Craft pure wood venetian blind range starts with the wood itself. All pure wood blinds are made from Paulownia, a wood with a smooth even grain that gives the blinds their luxurious look and feel. Unlike many other types of wood blind on the market that are made first and then cut to fit, the pure wood range is a truly made-to-measure product with over 14 paint finishes, 19 stained finishes to choose from, A choice of tape or ladder cord colours and available in 50mm or 64mm slat widths. Together with a unique USP (no slots cut into the slats) this makes this product totally bespoke.



Slot Holes

I have been in the blind and shutter business for over 25 years now and can honestly say I have not come across a product like the S:Craft Pure Wood Venetian blind,it leaves the rest standing for its design and thought that has gone into the product. It has a unique USP (unique selling point). All blinds made in the UK or abroad have slot holes cut into the middle of the slats, this is to allow the cords to run. The image to the left shows what this looks like. When the slat is closed there will be a light bleed line from top of the blind to the bottom. On a small blind you may only have two runs of cord but on a larger one there will be more which means more lightlines .


The S:Craft wood blind has no slots whatsoever in the middle of the slat which means when its closed or opened you only ever see the beautiful finish of the stained or painted wood with no lightline transmitions at all and no punched holes in the material. That’s not all, because there are no cords running down the middle of the blind this means we can boast as to having the tightest slat closure on the market currently. One of the other positives is the blind has a trapezoid shaped bottom rail which means when lowered it will sit neatly on the sill and not rock as most wood venetians tend to.Its last USP is the size, it can be made to widths of up to 3000mm wide. This is made possible by the materials used and the engineered design of the raise and tilt mechanism.

All painted blinds are given a good covering of 10 paint layers including a UV layer plus a hygienilac wood lacquer that kill most species of bacteria for up to 10 years. The S:Craft Pure wood blind is made out of Paulownia wood and comes in 14 paint finishes and 19 stained colours from Pure White and Silk White to Rich Walnut and French Oak. If nothing can be found in our range of 33 colours you can go down the custom painted route using our colour matching service to some of the most popular palettes on the high street. As well as being made from 100% natural wood it has a selection of decorative tapes, rail colours and fascia pelmet finishes to choose from if required.

It comes in slat widths of 50mm and 64mm and has the same range of colours as our Plantation Shutters. This means if you need to do both in your room we can achieve a perfect colour match. The blind comes with a cord to raise and lower and another cord to tilt the blind. These cords can both be on the right or the left or one each side its up to you. A wood fascia pelmet finished in the same colour as the blind is attached to hide the headrail and give a rich looking finish to the top of the blind.

Child Safety

As of March 2014 Child safety regulations came in to play. We have been practising this well before it became regulation and you need to be aware that all blinds now supplied and fitted will come with a child safe consolidator. This device is designed to break away should a child loop cord around its neck. We also have to install cleats to keep cord out of reach of the little ones.